Effortless Courier Team Management and Scheduling, Streamline Your Operations

Effortlessly streamline courier management with our Courier Management System, ensuring smoother operations and efficient scheduling.

Parcel Type Management

Efficiently categorize parcels to ensure precise handling and delivery for various item types Using Mighty Delivery's Courier Managment System.

Prcael type Managemnt image for Courier Management

Streamlined Order Creation

Simplify the order initiation process, allowing users to input key details with ease.

Advanced Order Scheduling

Empower users to schedule orders according to their preferences, optimizing delivery efficiency.

Centralized Order Overview

Access a unified dashboard displaying all orders, simplifying tracking and management tasks.

Rapid Order Search by ID

Locate specific orders swiftly using unique order IDs, enhancing real-time tracking accuracy

Order Location Mapping

Visualize and monitor order locations on a map for improved tracking and coordination.

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