Take Full Control With Admin Panel

Gain full control with our easy-to-use admin panel – your ultimate command center. Effortlessly manage your courier delivery service or Laravel-powered platform, ensuring smooth operations and staying ahead of the competition.

Courier Delivery admin panel

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Cruise into the delivery industry with our all-in-one Delivery App Solution. It's your source for a complete, ready-to-rebrand, and self-host delivery app.

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laravel admin panel analytical dashboard

Analytical Dashboard

Unlock Enhanced Decision-Making with Our  for Courier Delivery Admin Panel, Providing Insights for Optimized Business Performance Through Data-Driven Choices.

Delivery Person List

Efficiently streamline operations with our Courier Delivery Admin Panel, managing, accessing, and organizing delivery person’s details for seamless execution and improved performance.

Delivery List For Courier Delivery Admin panel
Add Delivery Person Image for admin panel

Add Delivery Person

Scale your userbase effortlessly and ensure hassle-free expansion of your delivery network by seamlessly adding new delivery personnel with Mighty Delivery's Admin Panel.

Region List

Efficiently cover diverse regions with our Courier Delivery Admin Panel's regional list feature, simplifying management and monitoring for seamless expansion.

Region list Feature for courier delivery admin panel
order list image for admin panel

Order List

Provide versatility by effortlessly customizing services for delivery personnel and other users with seamless updates through Mighty Delivery's Admin Panel.

Additional Fees

Flexibility at your fingertips! Seamlessly add and manage fees for Special & Extra services.

laravel admin panel Additional charge image
withdraw list image for admin panel

Withdraw List

Streamline quick payouts with ease, efficiently managing delivery boy withdraw requests for timely and hassle-free payments through Courier Delivery Admin Panel.

Document List

Ensure compliance and organization effortlessly by managing delivery boy and vehicle documents with our specialized feature in Mighty Delivery Admin Panel.

Documner list image demo for Admin Panel

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